Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis

Volume 7 (Summer–Fall 2016)

The Contours of Mission in the USA

create Charles Kiser, "The Church’s Role in the Changing Shape of Mission in the US (Editorial Preface to the Issue)"

group Gailyn Van Rheenen, "Is Missional a Fad?"

group Kent Smith, "Ecosystems of Grace: An Old Vision for the New Church"

group O. Fred Liggin IV, "Hospitality As Witness and Power: The Role of Hospitality in Congregational Engagement and Embrace in a Culture of Displacement"

group JR Rozko, "Listening in on Missional Conversations among Restorationists: A Response to Van Rheenen, Smith, and Liggin"

group Mark Love, "Practices as Participation in the Life of God"

group Kelly D. Carter, "Missio Dei, Missionality, and Trinity: Implications for Churches of Christ"

create Jared Looney, "We're All Missionaries Now!"

create Phil Claycomb, "Missional Mentoring: Encouraging Emerging Leaders to Take Their Next Step toward the Mission of God"

done_all Michael Chung, "The Redeeming Repast"

playlist_add_check Daniel McGraw, Comparative Review: "Which Kingdom is Coming Near?: Contemporary Discussions in Kingdom Theology"

playlist_add_check Review of Jared Looney, Crossroads of the Nations: Diaspora, Globalization, and Evangelism, by Martin Rodriguez

playlist_add_check Review of Dean Flemming, Why Mission?, by Greg McKinzie

playlist_add_check Review of Dan McVey, Confronting the Hubris of Hope: A Christian Reflection in an Islamic Mirror, by Brady Kal Cox

playlist_add_check Review of Dyron B. Daughrity, To Whom Does Christianity Belong?: Current Issues in World Christianity, by Yukikazu Obata

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