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Missional Hermeneutics

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MD6.1 Table of Contents
Greg McKinzie, "Careful Missions" (Editorial Preface to the Issue)
C. Philip Slate, "Clyde Neal Austin (1931–2014): Pioneer in Missionary Care among North American Churches of Christ"
Steve Allison, "Contemporary Practices of Missionary Care within Churches of Christ"
Jackie Halstead, "Encounter with God: A Theological Reflection on Missionary Care"
Sonny Guild, "Seamless, Comprehensive Missionary Care: Pre-, On-, and Post-Field Care for Teams"
Will Walls, "Managing Stress and Burnout on the Mission Field"
Verna Weber, "Seven Reentry Challenges for Families"
Beth Reese, "Training for Transitions"
Laura Allen, "Missionary Children and Reentry"
Dottie Schulz, "Resources for Missionary Care"
Dale Hawley, "Missionary Care: An Annotated Bibliography"


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